Amenities should be considered when looking for a hotel to stay in,

Living Amenities in a Renal Condominium Unit
Living Amenities in a Renal Condominium Unit

Hotel Amenities, a Personal List

What amenities do you check for when considering hotels during travel? Personally, I place importance in cleaning, entertainment, internet and room service amenities together with affordability and accessibility.
Cleaning amenities would be the first thing I'd check for. Who would want to ruin his own vacation because of soiled sheets, dusty surroundings, dirty toilets or stinky rooms, right? It doesn't matter if I'm only sleeping one night or a whole week, or spending only 8 hours asleep on the bed or the whole day inside the room, cleanliness would be the best amenity a hotel could offer.
Though a swimming pool would be nice, too, I personally won't need it when on vacation. I'd rather discover new places and experience the culture than swim but that's just personal priorities. I do value entertainment amenities, however. I'd like to experience more of that particular culture I'm visiting when overseas. After a day of travelling, discovering places and being just tourist-y, I'd like to come home to something familiar yet foreign at the same time. Thus, I'd prefer having cable television in my room not only to get a taste of the country's news, shows, music, cinema and its entertainment industry as a whole, but also to watch shows I'm familiar with.
Next, I'd like to have a stable and reliable internet connection. Though a travel buddy is the best option, the next best thing would perhaps be to have this amenity, enabling me to share my stories for the day with family and friends back home. A good internet amenity would also be crucial to my planning for the next day's adventures as tips, places to visit and an infinite number of travel information would be at my fingertips in a single search.
Room service amenities would be the icing on top. Though not necessarily one of my priorities, it would be nice to have snacks at 3 in the morning when I'm tired after an eventful night. Or at least the thought of someone at the desk during the wee hours of the morning would calm me when I suddenly wake up spooked in the middle of the night due to jet lag.
Of course, some people would prefer work out amenities and other services. Personally, it's a bit too much. I wouldn't be there for the hotel itself, anyway. There is much to do, more places to see and many things to experience. After a day's adventure, though, you get to come home every night to a hotel with your chosen amenities.

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