Available amenities is one of the criteria for deciding whether to visit a tourist spot or not.

Living Amenities in a Renal Condominium Unit
Living Amenities in a Renal Condominium Unit


Amenities are essential in determining whether a place is worth visiting or not. Clean amenities like the comfort room would also encourage the customers to visit the place again. I recently went to Rizal Park with a friend for the first time in my life. I saw how the place was being renovated and being improved. I can say that the park is clean as a whole, except for the water where the Philippine map model is located, other than that the place was really beautiful and it has a lot of interesting amenities that are worth trying and revisiting from time to time. As a visitor, I really check the amenities thru the internet before actually going to a certain place. The place must have a clean comfort room, interesting things to do, beautiful design and has a no pollution vibe, just like in Luneta where in it is located in Taft but then it feels like it is located in a clean area once you set your feet there.
Amenities and services are essential in deciding whether a certain place is worth visiting or not. A place with good amenities but with bad services may drive the customers away so I think that these two factors must be equally good and satisfactory. The worst experience that I had about amenities is when I went to a beach in Cebu. The beach is very beautiful; White sand and blue waters. After swimming, we thought that our experience inside the resort will be one of the best but when we realized that we cannot use the comfort rooms because we didn’t rent a room we were very surprised. Because of that, we went home with sand on our clothes and “dry” feeling because of the sea water on our skin.
In conclusion, amenities will surely make or break a place according to its quality. Dirty amenities will discourage the people from revisiting the place especially if the location involves strenuous activities like swimming or adventure tripping. For me, a place with a very clean rest room especially in restaurants is a plus factor for me in revisiting them.

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